Interesting Facts of 10 Shortest lifespan of living organisms in the world

Here I am going to show you interesting facts about living organisms


Interesting facts

Interesting facts of mayflies are according to research mayflies are the only insect in the world has only 24 hours (1 day) the shortest lifespan (life period) in the world. But mostly they live at all types of water ponds and lakes.

Interesting facts are-

  • In case of length, a mayfly can grow up to 0.5-1 inch.
  • Most of the mayflies are green in colour.
  • Although A mayfly has a narrow body it has two or three tails and two pairs of membranous wings. First pairs of the wings are much larger than the second wings.
  • Both male mayfly and female mayfly have two sets of genitals.


Interesting facts

Gastrotrichs are mostly found in freshwater. Gastrotrichs are one of the marine microorganisms that can live in a marine environment. The lifespan of the gastrotrichs is 3 days. The size of Gastrotrichs can be (0.06-3)mm.


Interesting facts

Drone ants are the male ants in the ant’s colony. They have two wings to fly. This is the difference between a drone ant and normal ant. They have property, they can be born from the unfertilized eggs. A drone ant has only 3 weeks of lifespan (life period). Drone ants are a lazy ant, they never work in their life, only females ant establish their colonies.

Interesting facts are-

  • A drone ant flies in the sky with a virgin queen to have sex


Interesting facts

Houseflies are the most common insects, they can be found inside the house as well as outside the house. The total lifespan (life period) of a housefly is 2-4 weeks. More houseflies in the house can be the causes of diseases.

Interesting facts are-

  • A housefly can grow up to 0.25 inch in their life in length.
  • The wings moving rate of a housefly is 200 times in a second. And speed is 5 miles per hour.
  • A single eye of it contains 4000 lenses because of this, it is able to see different pictures at a time.


Interesting facts

Dragonfly is an insect has a light and transparent strong four wings. But the lifespan (life period) of the dragonfly is 4 months. It is mostly found Over the ponds and flowers.

Interesting facts are-

  • Dragonfly contains around 30,000 lenses because having a high no. of lenses, it can see more things at a time.
  • A dragonfly can kill 30-100 mosquitoes in a single day.
  • A dragonfly has two sets of wings, it can use its wings simultaneously as well as one after another. the rate of its wings is 30 in a second.


Interesting facts

The domestic mouse is mostly seen inside the houses. The average lifespan (life period) of a domestic mouse is 1 year. But sometimes domestic mice have been killed by cats so a mouse can’t live a whole life.

Interesting facts are-

  • A mouse can live without water longer than a camel.
  • A mouse ‘s tail can grow as long as its body.
  • The whiskers of a mouse can sense the changes in temperature.
  • A mouse can swim in the water continuously for 3 days.
  • A mouse can birth 2000 new mouse in a year.


The chameleon is a reptile and mostly found in the jungle and desert. It is well known as species of lizard, having large eyes and curled tail. But a chameleon has the ability to change its colour according to the atmosphere. The lifespan (life period) of a chameleon is 1 year. The interesting facts adult chameleon can disappear before the newly born chameleon.

Interesting facts are-

  • The chameleons are different in size, the smallest size of it is only 0.6-inches which is called Brookesia Micra. The biggest size is 30-inches which name is Furcifer Oustaleti.
  • chameleons have unique eyes, it can see two different directions at a time.
  • chameleons have no ears, neither ear-opening nor eardrum like a snake. But they are not that they are deaf. They can detect the sound in the frequency range of 200Hz to 600Hz.


A mosquito fish is mostly found in freshwater. The nickname of a mosquito fish is mosquito-fish because the diet of mosquitofish is mostly is the mosquito. The lifespan (life period) of a mosquito fish is 2 years.


A guinea pig is very cute, good-looking rodent. It is a social companion animal that is why people buy a guinea pig. But an interesting fact of it that it has an ability to live without water if the sufficient amount of moist food is given to it. But the average lifespan (life period) is 4-5 years.

Interesting facts are-

  • The average length of the guinea pig is 8-10 inches, and the average weight is 0.7-1.2 kg.
  • Known as the guinea pig, they are not from the pig family or from guinea.
  • The grass is the main diet of guinea pig, but they also need fresh food.


The average lifespan (life period) of the domestic rabbit is 8-12 years. A male rabbit is known as a buck, a female rabbit is a doe and a young rabbit is a kit or kitten. Rabbits have more colours but the common is white, brown, black and (black & white).

Interesting facts are-

  • A domestic rabbit can be larger, heavier than a wild rabbit.
  • A rabbit can dig holes in the ground using hind legs.
  • Rabbits have 28 teeth, and front teeth grow constantly throughout their entire life.
  • Rabbits begin to mate when they turn 3 months.

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