Mind Blowing Amazing Facts About Space

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The amazing facts about space. When we look at the sky at night, we don’t look it with full attention. After reading this article. I am sure, you will look at the sky in a different way. You will say that the space is really amazing thing. Let’s start. The amazing facts about space.….,

Mind Blowing Amazing Facts About Space

#1 Dark Matter

A long period ago we thought that this universe made of those things which we can see at micro-level like electron, proton and neutron. as science has become more advanced. we came to know that universe is not only made of those things.

You see in the sky as the moon, stars, asteroids, other planets and these infinite space. But amazing facts that these things are the only 5% of the universe. The rest part 95% made of dark matter and dark energy.

The problem with dark matter is that we can’t see it or it can’t be observed directly. Noone scientists could explain it completely. And it still remains a mystery.

#2 Expanding Universe

Scientists have tried to find out for centuries that how big the universe is. but after researches, the conclusion is that there is no end of the universe. After recent technology, they came to know that the size of the universe is 93 billion light-years.

But in 1929 Edwin an American astronomer Edwin Hubble found that the universe is expanding with a very fast rate. Then everything changed. The universe is not only expanding but also accelerating. And the rate of expansion will keep increasing.

#3 Energy Of The Sun

The size of the sun is about 109 times bigger than the earth. But the sun produces so much energy you cannot even imagine it. Trees and plants produce energy by photosynthesis.

If we add the energy of all trees and plants. Then we come to know that the energy for the human being from starting to end of the human will use, more than 6 times of that trees and plants use the energy of the sun.

If we collect the one-day energy of the sun then we can use it for many years. So we use the solar panel to store the amazing energy of the sun.

#4 The Most Mysterious Signal From Space (The WOW! Signal)

We have been listening to the universe for many decades. But what we got nothing only except a mysterious event. August 15, 1977, The telescope of Ohio catch a signal which coming from space. It was a source of space waves.

These waves might be sent by the alien. A computer has stored the numbers which were present in waves. Then an astronomer, Jerry Ehman saw the numbers. And he wrote a word on the paper. The word was Wow!.

After happening this event the astronomers were very excited. They were trying to receive this kind of signal. But they didn’t get any this type of signal. And it still remains a mystery.

#5 If Two Metals Touch In Space

If you will carry two pieces of the same metal in the space. And put them together in the space then they will be joined each other. This phenomenon is called cold welding. this phenomenon won’t happen on the earth due to having air.

Because an oxidized layer is always present between two metals on the earth. Because we all know that there is no air present in the space. that’s why the metal pieces joined and become a single or continuous piece.

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