Your Lifestyle Can Affect Your Liver

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How can lifestyle affect your liver? We all know about the liver, it isn’t only the second largest organ of the body after skin, but also a serious organ for metabolizing. Whatever we eat goes to the liver before reaching anywhere else within the body. The liver stores the surplus energy as fat and condensed glucose referred to as glycogen.

Your lifestyle can affect your liver?
Human liver

Lifestyle can affect your liver. Whenever we eat excessively, the energy stores in the liver as fat. If we still do so for months and years together, the liver starts accumulating fat and enlarges in size. Some extent comes when liver not can take it and starts undergoing destruction.

What is Fatty Liver?

Whenever the fat accumulation in the liver crosses 5% of liver weight, it refers to as liver disease. Though in last century alcohol was believed to be the main explanation for liver disease, the diet and lifestyle are rapidly becoming the main explanation for liver disease now. The disease is understood as non-alcoholic liver disease or NAFLD. Once it starts destroying liver it’s called steatohepatitis or NASH.

Who is probably going to possess it?

All individuals who are overweight, obese, diabetic, dyslipidemic (High cholesterol and triglycerides) can suffer from it. In Indians, studies have found that albeit the mentioned risk factors aren’t there they will suffer from liver disease. In India, all studies administered thus far show that one in five to seven individuals suffer from this disease. Even children aren’t resistant to it and there’s a rising incidence in the paediatric population.

Is there any Adverse Outcome?

Fatty liver is becoming the best killer nowadays in the western world. It can cause complications like cirrhosis of the liver, jaundice, blood vomiting, bloody stools, fluid collections in abdomen and feet, altered behaviour and even death. it’s liable for 15% of liver cancers. Besides, it’s commonly related to heart, kidney, thyroid and joint diseases.

How can we Diagnose it?

60% of individuals haven’t any symptoms and aren’t conscious of it. those that are symptomatic, even have symptoms like mild abdominal pain, fatigue, malaise, weakness. These symptoms are often neglected and other people directly present with complications. There are simple tests, though to urge it diagnosed. An easy ultrasound can tell you whether you’ve got the disease or not but those that have it require a multitude of blood tests, Fibroscan (advanced sonography) or a liver biopsy, where a bit of liver tissue could also be removed to stage the disease and plan the treatment.

Can we Treat it?

There is no sure shot treatment for the disease because the disease may be a long-standing one, one must immediately consult a gastroenterologist. Drugs that are available have only 40% efficacy at the foremost. the simplest modality proven to enhance liver disease is weight reduction. One must hamper on calories and need an expert dietician opinion, a strict exercise regime, control of diabetes and lipids, strict abstinence from alcohol and improvement of lifestyle as an entire.

How can we Protect Ourselves from it?

As the disease has poor outcomes and there’s lack of successive treatment, the simplest thanks to protecting yourself are prevention and to realize that’s to vary your lifestyle. Food and soft drinks are loaded with sugars and is that the major cause in the western population. Alcohol can further potentiate the damage and is to be taken carefully. One should walk a minimum of half-hour each day and will have a strict exercise routine. Diabetics should control their diabetes adequately and people with thyroid and lipid abnormalities should be promptly treated.

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